University of South-Eastern Norway has about 18 000 students and about 1500 employees. The university is organized in four faculties, with instruction and R&D activities on eight campuses. The main profile of the university is to provide socially relevant education, geared towards specific professions, and adapted to the requirements of the workplace, as well as to produce applied research and development.

Professors in innovation and entrepreneurship

The university’s strategic aim is to be an internationally oriented, entrepreneurial university that is actively involved in the region with high international quality, strong working relationships, and close cooperation with the community and industry. In the USN Business School strategy, the main profile is defined as follows: “The main profile shall be management-oriented with a focus on marketing, innovation, and organization theory. The course catalogue at USN Business School will consist of traditional business school courses, social science disciplines and management information systems, as well as cross-disciplinary options. The course catalogue supports USN as an entrepreneurial university.”

Position announcements
At USN Business School there are three vacant 100 % permanent positions as professors in innovation and entrepreneurship starting 01.01.19, commencement in the position will be by agreement. If there are no qualified applicants to one or more of the positions then hiring for a, three years, qualifying position will be considered.

Position 1 is connected to the Department of Business and IT in Bø, position 2 is connected to the Department of Business, Strategy and Political Sciences in Drammen, and position 3 is connected to the Department of Business, History and Social Sciences in Vestfold (Horten).
The closest superior is in each case is the Head of Department. The main places of employment are respectively Bø, Drammen, and Vestfold, with one position at each campus. Assignments at other campuses must be expected. The application should mention the position number and the campus the applicant is applying to.

Responsibilities and assignments
The candidates hired are expected to be disciplinary driving forces within research and teaching in the field as mentioned in the description, and should contribute to developing national and international networks. The candidates will be responsible for research, teaching, and supervising students in areas of strategic importance in the university’s researcher network.

Teaching at all levels and in all programs connected to the department (where the main place of work is) and at other departments may be required.

The university has remote/online teaching and e-learning as a focus area, and the one hired therefore has to be able to supervise students and teach using digital media.

Our degree programs are research-based, both concerning the form of the teaching and the content taught. We therefore want our academic employees to have experience from or be motivated to focus on the development of teaching practices and the connection between teaching and research.

It is therefore expected that pedagogical competency is documented by at least ½ year of practical-pedagogical education or by shorter courses in university pedagogy. Applicants who do not have such pedagogical qualifications may be hired with a duty to qualify within 3 years. Courses in university and college pedagogy will be made available. The applicant must have the ability to work independently and at the same time be motivated to share knowledge and participate in team work. Personal suitability for the position will be emphasized.

For the position as a professor, a sufficient amount of high quality publications is required following established international or national standards. A broad and solid background and research competency in innovation and entrepreneurship is therefore required.

In addition, to be hired as a professor a Norwegian doctorate in the field or comparable doctorate at a foreign institution or competency at the same level documented through academic work and publications of the same scope and quality are required.

If no qualified applicants apply for a permanent position as professor, a temporary three-year appointment may be made if the expert committee consider that the person selected will be able to acquire the necessary qualifications to be appointed to a professorship within the first three years of employment. A new expert assessment will be completed by the end of this period.

The staff at the faculty work within subject teams to a large extent, and the candidate must be motivated to share his or her knowledge and cooperate. Personal suitability for the position will be emphasized.

We offer
• A developing academic community and good opportunities for further competence and career development
• A good social environment
• A good pension plan from the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund
• Possibilities for exercise during working hours

Professor (position code 1013): NOK 658.300,- – NOK 922.300,- annually. Salary level according to seniority and competence. In particular cases a higher salary can be considered. Statutory deposits each month from the salary to the pension fund.

Other information
The hiring committee for academic positions at University of South-Eastern Norway is responsible for the hiring process. An expert committee will evaluate the applications. Based on this committes recommendations relevant applicants will be called in for an interview and trial lecture.

The person hired must at all times follow the relevant laws, regulations and agreements for the position.

The University of South-Eastern Norway aims to achieve gender balance in the workforce and to hire applicants with an immigration background.

In addition we want our co-workers to mirror the diversity in the population. We therefore encourage qualified applicants with disabilities to apply for the position. As an Inclusive Workplace organization, we will make sure to facilitate a smooth work experience for people with disabilities.

The departments have few female academic employees and women are therefore especially encouraged to apply.

According to the Norwegian law on the freedom of information (Offentlighetsloven) § 25 2. Information about the applicant may be published even though the applicant has asked not to be included on the list of applicants. The applicants will be alerted if their request for anonymity is not granted.

For more information about the position the following heads of departments may be contacted:
- Helge Kaasin, Department of Business and IT – Bø, +47 908 82 350
- Jan Velvin, Department of Business, Strategy and Political Sciences – Drammen, +47 469 37 669.
- Annett Arntzen, Department of Business, History and Social Sciences - Vestfold (Horten), +47 452 95 708.

How to apply
The University of South-Eastern Norway uses an electronic application system. We ask applicants to register their applications and CV/résumé electronically by clicking on the link to the right, ”Apply for position”. The following documents should be attached to the electronic application:
1. Certified copies of degree certificates and diplomas from colleges/universities (and so on)
2. Academic publications (up to 15 for applicants to the professorships)
3. List of academic publications
4. List of attachments documenting pedagogical qualifications
5. Contact information for three references

We note that all documents have to be in a Scandinavian language or in English. Any translations have to be certified. The applicant is responsible for requesting documentation downloaded in the online application.

USN Business School and cooperating parties in Bø, Drammen, and Vestfold will be hiring up to three professorships  in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. These professors will also cooperate and become a part of a common research group with members from different campuses and faculties. The main place of work for the individual positions will be at one of the three campuses. Those who are hired will be a part of the research group on innovation and entrepreneurship. The research group will make use of faculty members from all five campuses affiliated with the business school and cooperates with other faculties where this is natural.

All the campuses affiliated with USN Business School have faculty members and study programs connected to innovation and entrepreneurship. The approach to research and the content of the study programs in innovation and entrepreneurship are being developed further and those hired will become important resources in this work. This also means that the form and profile of this focus area should clarify to a greater extent how innovation and entrepreneurship should be integrated in different bachelor programs, master studies, and potentially into a planned expansion of the doctoral program, and as content in the research groups.

The professorships shall contribute to increased research activity within the topic area and focus on topical research, development and innovation issues, both internally through the USN research network and in cooperation with regional industry, as well as in cooperation with national and international partners. The research, development, and innovation work shall have an international perspective and at the same time be connected to the region. Those hired shall contribute to teaching and guidance in different courses within their own academic field, but also contribute to placing the field in a cross-disciplinary and cross-departmental context. The positions entail active participation in the development of study programs, research projects, publishing, and disseminating new knowledge to the public.

Those who are hired must be able to demonstrate their research experience/publications and/or good practical experience that is relevant for the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, such as innovation studies and regional innovation systems, innovation management, technology management, individual entrepreneurship (start-ups), intrapreneurship/corporate entrepreneurship, regional business development, etc. The positions are therefore aimed at both research and knowledge development at the same time as strengthening innovation and entrepreneurship pedagogy.

Main areas and campus profiles
Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a relatively recent research field and is also in its early stages at USN Business School even though it features frequently in the current course catalogue and faculty registry. The research and course catalogue coordination in innovation and entrepreneurship is closely connected across different campuses. It may also be useful to point out some main areas or profiles and focus areas at each campus even though there will be overlap and commonalities.

These are some of the main approaches:

• Innovation studies and regional innovation systems
• Business development
• Innovation management
• Technology management
• Individual entrepreneurship (student business, start-ups)
• Intrapreneurship/corporate entrepreneurship

Individual entrepreneurship, including among other things, business establishment, student businesses and student incubator, will most likely be relevant in one form or another at all the affiliated campuses as for example a bachelor specialization and masters profiles, and have a special focus in Bø and Drammen. The field of Entrepreneurship relates to how opportunities are discovered, evaluated, and exploited to create future goods and services. The approach in Drammen may also be connected to technology management in the health care sector.

The position at Campus Vestfold is connected to the project «Lifting capacity for increased competence in and use of autonomous systems in transport and process industry». The project should contribute to increased value creation in industry by utilizing autonomy in society and the position will be especially connected to the project’s activities within business model development, innovation, and entrepreneurship. This will also include building a masters specialization in entrepreneurship.

We are interested in applicants with interests in research, externally financed projects, studies, course work and cooperation with regional business and community life and international orientation. The innovation field is also to be found as a part of the USN Business School doctoral program in Marketing Management, primarily in connection with product development.

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