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Rational Alloy Design - ALLDESIGN

ALLDESIGN will create a digital materials design platform for intermetallic alloy design. The project focuses on aluminium-based alloys, which are of great importance for the Norwegian industry, and investigates the physical processes behind slow-diffusion precipitation phenomena starting from atomistic scale and in silico. The goal is to develop efficient theoretical methods to understand materials properties at different length and time scales and to limit costly trial-and-error measurements in the laboratory. The data from the multiscale modelling approach will be used for digitalization of the alloy manufacturing process in the newly invested 3D stretch-bending machine.

Post-doctoral position in Rational Alloy Design: Atomistic simulations of aluminum alloys (PD1), NV- 59/18

PhD position in Rational Alloy Design: Experimental Materials Physics (PhD2), NV-60/18

PhD position in Rational Alloy Design: Physical Metallurgy (PhD3), NV-61/18

PhD position in Rational Alloy Design: Modelling technology (PhD4), SO-IV 150/18

PhD position within Rational Alloy Design - Intelligent Manufacturing of High Value Aluminium Components (PhD5), SO IV-149/18

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    27. mai 2018
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    NTNU - Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet
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