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Trondheim Analytica

The Norwegian University of Science and Technical (NTNU) is Norway’s largest university with over 40.000 students. In addition to engineering and natural sciences, the university offers higher education in other academic disciplines ranging from social sciences, the arts, medical and life sciences, teacher education, architecture and fine art. NTNU is well known for its close collaboration with industry, and particularly with its R&D partner SINTEF, which provided it with the biggest industrial link among all the technical universities in the world. The main location is in Trondheim, but NTNU also has campuses in Gjøvik and Ålesund.

TRONDHEIM ANALYTICA (TA) seeks to address one of the most profound challenges for democracy in the 21st century: the social media revolution and its attendant problems of fake news, message targeting, and echo chambers. As revealed by the recent scandal regarding the role of Cambridge Analytica in the Brexit referendum and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the measurement of public opinion via social media can be exploited for political gain in ways that are far from transparent. Alongside these pitfalls, this digital environment also holds potential to empower citizens. TA aims to provide society with state of the art insight into the possibilities for deriving key information about European citizens’ political viewpoints and associated emotions based on their social media profiles. We do this by developing an open source alternative to Cambridge Analytica. TA aims to study and improve democratic engagement via social media, by:

  • A) developing tools for studying public opinion through merging big data analysis with qualitative analysis. This will allow a transparent sophisticated examination of social media content.
  • B) raising awareness among decision makers, academics, and the general public as to the potentials and pitfalls of social media profiling.
  • C) studying the strategies of successful social media campaigns and use the findings to develop strategies for future campaigns of democratic engagement.

Trondheim Analytica is a four year collaborative project between NTNU’s Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, involving researchers Jon Atle Gulla, Kjetil Nørvåg, Astrid Rasch and Pieter de Wilde as well as four PhD candidates.

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For more information about the project, see also: https://www.ntnu.edu/digital-transformation  

Application deadline: May 27th 2018

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