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Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education - Department of History and Religious Studies

Associate professor in religious studies (with a focus on indigenous religions)

Application deadline: 14. February 2018

Applications must be marked: Ref. 2017/5849


The Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education has a vacant permanent fulltime position as associate professor in religious studies. The position is affiliated to the Department of Archaeology, History, Religious Studies and Theology.


For further information about the position, contact head of department Fredrik Fagertun, tel. +47 776 46176, email: fredrik.fagertun@uit.no, or professor Bjørn Ola Tafjord, tel. +47 776 45289, email bjorn.tafjord@uit.no.


The application must be submitted electronically via the application form available on www.jobbnorge.no.


The position’s affiliation

The Department of Archaeology, History, Religious Studies and Theology is part of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education. The department has 25 permanent academic positions, of which 7 are in archaeology, 12 are in history, 3 are in religious studies, and 3 are in theology. The academic staff of the department teaches and gives supervision to students at all levels from bachelor to Ph.D.


The position’s field of research / field of work

A prerequisite for the vacant position is documented competence in religious studies (through training and/or comprehensive experience in research and teaching). The candidate must have expertise in contemporary indigenous religion(s) in one or more cultural contexts and geographical regions that are not covered already at the department (already covered regions are Sápmi and Central America), including substantial fieldwork experience, relevant linguistic skills, as well as historical and other contextual knowledge. The candidate should also have a strong commitment to further develop methodological approaches and theoretical understandings of indigenous religion(s) in ethically responsible ways. The candidate must be able and willing to teach and supervise students at all levels in a wide variety of topics in the study of religion.


In addition, expertise in one or more of the following fields/topics is desirable: legal and rights issues; environmentalism and climate concerns; politics and activism; identity formation; nation building; colonialism and post-colonialism; performance; materiality; media; translation; art; education; economy; tourism; interaction between local, national, and global actors and levels; and the history of the study of indigenous religion(s).


Relevant teaching experience is mandatory. Teaching experience on all levels from bachelor to Ph.D. is an advantage. Experience with national and international collaboration in research projects is also an asset, likewise the proven ability to initiate and successfully lead research projects.


Qualification requirements

For appointment as associate professor, it is required that the applicant has:

  • a doctoral degree (in quality and scope, equivalent to a Norwegian doctoral degree) in religious studies or in a closely related discipline
  • a record of publications of excellent academic quality
  • documented competence in relevant educational theory and practice based on training or on teaching and supervision

All applicants for teaching and research positions are requested to document their teaching competence by attaching a pedagogical portfolio to their application. Cf. section 4.5 of Supplementary regulations concerning appointment and promotion to teaching and research positions at UiT. In exceptional cases, practical teaching competence may be assessed as equal to formal teaching competence. In such cases, the applicant may be offered a permanent position, but is encouraged to obtain a pedagogical portfolio within a period of three years.


For further information on pedagogical competence requirements, please consult the webpage on university pedagogics.


Personal suitability will also be taken into account.


Non-Scandinavian speakers must have a good command of English and commit to learning Norwegian within two years.


Working conditions

At the University of Tromsø – the Arctic University of Norway the allocation of working hours is flexible and allocated on a case by case basis.


As a general principle, every associate professor shall spend an equal amount of time on teaching and research/development work, after time spent on other duties has been deducted. As a norm the time spent on administrative duties is 5 % for academic staff in this position.


More information can be found in Guidelines for allocation of working hours in teaching and research positions (in Norwegian only).


Employees in permanent positions as associate professor have the right to apply for a paid sabbatical (for research and development work) every fifth semester or year, cf. Guidelines for the allocation of R&D sabbatical (in Norwegian only).


The successful applicant must be willing to engage herself/himself in the ongoing development of her/his discipline and of the university as a whole.


The remuneration for an associate professor is in accordance with the State salary scale code 1011. A compulsory contribution of 2 % to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund will be deducted.


We offer

  • an excellent work environment at a department and a university that prioritize education in and research on indigenous issues
  • among the best conditions for paid sabbaticals (for research and development work) in Norway
  • good welfare schemes
  • favourable arrangements for pensions, insurances and bank loans in the Norwegian State Pension Fund


Applicants will be assessed by an expert committee. The committee’s mandate is to assess the applicants’ qualifications based on the written material presented by the applicants, and in terms of the detailed description drawn up for the position.

Applicants who are assessed as the best qualified will be called for an interview. The interview will, among other things, aim to clarify the applicant’s personal suitability for the position. A trial lecture may also be organized.


Interim appointment

In the event that there are no suitably qualified applicants for the position, an interim appointment for a period of no more than three years may be made, cf. section 5 no. 1 of the regulations appurtenant to the Civil Servants Act and section 6-5 (1) of the Act relating to universities and university colleges (Lov om universiteter og høyskoler). A permanent appointment shall be made upon application before the three-year period elapses based on a new evaluation. The appointment will become permanent in the event that the applicant is found suitably qualified.


In the event of an interim appointment on the basis of lacking teaching qualifications, the applicant must document teaching qualifications through developing a teaching portfolio before the three-year period elapses. The appointment will become permanent in the event that the applicant is found suitably qualified.


The University of Tromsø – the Arctic University of Norway wishes to increase the proportion of women in senior research positions. If two or more applicants are found to be equally qualified, female applicants will be given priority. 



The application must be submitted electronically via the application form available on www.jobbnorge.no.


The application should include the following attachments:

  • letter of application
  • CV (containing a complete overview of education, supervised professional training and professional work)
  • documentation of teaching qualifications
  • transcripts of records and diploma supplements for completed degrees
  • list of 2-3 academic referees, including contact details (name, relation to applicant, e-mail address and phone number)
  • up to ten works central to the applicant’s academic production. The applicant’s PhD thesis should be submitted as one of these works
  • list of publications and description of these (see below). The list should contain the following information:
    • author(s), title of work
    • for articles: the name of the journal and volume, first and last page of the article, year of publication
    • for books or other independent publications: publisher, place of print, year of publication, number of pages


Additionally, the applicant should provide a description of his/her academic production, indicating which works are the most relevant in relation to the announced position, and therefore should be emphasized in the assessment. The remaining listed works should be described briefly in order to demonstrate the depth of the production. The description should be attached to the application.


More information can be found in the supplementary regulations concerning appointment and promotion to teaching and research positions at UiT and the regulation concerning appointment and promotion to teaching and research posts.


Questions concerning the organisation of the working environment, such as the physical state of the place of employment, health service, possibility for flexible working hours, part time, etc. may be directed to the telephone reference in this announcement.


UiT’s HR policy objectives emphasizes diversity, and encourages all qualified applicants to apply regardless of gender, functional ability and national or ethnic background.


UiT is an IW (Inclusive Workplace) enterprise, and will make the necessary adaptations in order to facilitate for employees with reduced functional ability.

Personal data given in an application or CV will be processed in accordance with the Act relating to the processing of personal data (the Personal Data Act). In accordance with Section 25 subsection 2 of the Freedom of Information Act, the applicant may request not to be registered on the public list of applicants. However, the University may nevertheless decide to publish the applicant’s name. The applicant will receive advance notification in the event of such publication

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