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PhD fellowships for research work in catalysis in biomass conversion and CO2 capture

The appointment has a duration of 3 years with the possibility of until 1-year extension with 25% teaching duties in agreement with the department. (To undertake the teaching duties it is a requirement that the candidate speaks Norwegian or another Scandinavian language). The positions are financed by the Norwegian Research Council and the Norwegian industry.

Information about the department

The research activity at the Department is extensive, and is organized in research groups. These are Biorefinery and fibre technology, Catalysis, Colloid and polymer chemistry, Environmental engineering and reactor technology and Process systems engineering.

Further information is available at: http://www.ntnu.edu/chemeng

About the positions

A: 1 PhD fellowship in Chemical Looping Desulfurization
This project deals with the development of new technology for gas cleaning for biomass gasification, using solid sorbents in a Chemical Looping system. As part of a larger project the candidate will work with the development of sorbent materials (including sorbent material preparation, characterization, and scale-up of the material preparation), as well as tasks linked to sorbent testing and kinetic model development. We are looking for a candidate with a background in catalysis and chemical engineering, with solid practical skills as well as some knowledge in modelling.

B: 1 PhD fellowship in Low temperature CO2 capture by sorbents
CO2 capture via the separation of CO2 from gas streams in power plant is an important process to reduce anthropogenic CO2 emissions. The present project is to develop N functionalized carbon microspheres for CO2 capture at low temperatures from gas streams with varying CO2 compositions, develop fluidized bed reactor, and design and evaluate post combustion CO2 capture using solid sorbents. As part of the project, the candidate will work with preparation and characterization of solid sorbents as well as kinetic study of CO2 capture at low temperatures. The candidate will also work in the team to develop and test the new reactor.

C: 1 PhD fellowship in catalysis for biomass conversion
The present work deals with development of catalytic process for selective hydrogenation and oxidation of oxygenates from pyrolysis of biomass and sugars to value added chemicals at mild conditions. The project is supported by the research center of environmental friendly energy (FME), Bio4fuel, Norway. The candidate will work with synthesis of supported nanoparticles, characterization and test in reactions, aiming to new catalysts and a better understanding of chemistry involved in the C-C, C-O and O-H activations on catalysts surfaces, as well as the catalyst structure-property-performance relationship.


The work is mainly experimental by nature, and we are looking for candidates with strong experimental skills and experience. Typical tasks will include material preparation and characterization, as well as activity testing and kinetic studies of sorbents and catalysts. The applicant must have an MSc (or equivalent) in Chemical engineering, Chemistry or similar. The successful candidates should have a background in heterogeneous catalysis, reaction engineering, or physical chemistry related to kinetics/thermodynamic analysis.

The regulations for PhD programmes at NTNU state that a Master degree or equivalent with at least 5 years of studies and an average grade of A or B within a scale of A-E for passing grades (A best) for the two last years of the MSc is required. Candidates from universities outside Norway are kindly requested to send a Diploma Supplement or a similar document, which describes in detail the study and grade system and the rights for further studies associated with the obtained degree:

The position requires spoken and written fluency in the English language. Applicants from non-English-speaking countries outside Europe must document English skills by an approved test.

The successful candidate should be creative, with a strong ability to work problem oriented. He/she should also enjoy interdisciplinary research and take keen interest in learning and working in teams.

Terms of employment

The appointment of the PhD fellows will be made according to Norwegian guidelines for universities and university colleges and to the general regulations regarding university employees. Applicants must agree to participate in organized doctoral study programs within the period of the appointment and have to be qualified for the PhD-study.
NTNU’s personnel policy objective is that the staff must reflect the composition of the population to the greatest possible extent.

The position as PhD is remunerated according to the Norwegian State salary scale. There is a 2% deduction for superannuation contribution.

For further information please contact: Department of Chemical Engineering, Professor Edd Anders Blekkan edd.a.blekkan@ntnu.no (position A) and Professor De Chen: chen@nt.ntnu.no (positions B and C)

The application

Applications with CV, certificates and transcripts from both Bachelor and Master, possible publications and other scientific works, copies of documentation on English language proficiency test and reference letters should be submitted. Please state which of the positions you apply for.

Applications must be submitted electronically through this site. Applications submitted elsewhere will not be considered.

The reference number of the position is: NV-73/17

Application deadline: May 28, 2017.

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