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The Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics (BFE) consists of Department of Arctic and Marine Biology, Norwegian College of Fishery Science (NFH) and School of Business and Economics. The main task of BFE is to conduct teaching and research dissemination at a high national and international level within all relevant fields. Prioritized research areas are aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, climate, life in the arctic, marine bioprospecting, fish health, seafood products, business and macroeconomics, resources and environment, markets and management of marine resources. The interdisciplinary profile of the faculty provides good opportunity to develop research projects involving several research groups at the faculty according to its strategy.

Postdoctoral Fellow in microbiology, biotechnology or molecular biology at UiT The Arctic University of Norway

At The Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics (BFE), UiT The Arctic University of Norway has a Postdoctoral Research Fellow position vacant in microbiology, biotechnology or molecular biology. The position is attached to The Norwegian College of Fishery Science and the Arctic Centre for Sustainable Energy and the Microalgae Research Group.


The position of Postdoctoral Research Fellow is a fixed term position for a period of 3 years. The main objective of the appointment as a post-doctoral research fellow is to qualify for work in senior academic position. No one may be appointed to more than one fixed term period as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the same institution.


The Norwegian College of Fishery Science (NCFS) is a part of the Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics (BFE) and undertakes research and research-based teaching of high national and international quality in an interdisciplinary environment. Research activity is provisionally organized into groups focusing on living marine resources, sea food science, fish health, marine drug discovery, resource management, marine management and resource economics.


The Arctic Centre for Sustainable Energy or ARC is an interdisciplinary centre focusing on Arctic challenges and conditions within renewable energy and greenhouse gas management. The centre combines expertise in applied mathematics, marine biology, computer science, chemistry, engineering and other fields.

For further information, please contact: Associate Professor Hans C. Bernstein phone +47 7764 6114, hans.c.bernstein@uit.no.


The position’s field of research/field of work

The postdoctoral fellow will work with development and execution of multi-omics applied to diatoms and photosynthetically-driven marine microbiomes. The project will be an integrated part of the Microalgae group and will also help develop new projects in ARC aimed at understanding and engineering carbon capture and utilization in marine microbes. The overarching goal of the project will be to uncover genome-encoded biological principles from Arctic marine microbes (and communities of microbes) to develop new biotechnologies that can be used to capture and utilize greenhouse gases. The exact emphasis of the project will in part be tailored to the strengths and ambitions of the successful candidate.


Qualifications required

For appointment as Postdoctoral Fellow, the applicant requires Norwegian doctoral degree or a corresponding foreign doctoral degree recognized as equivalent to a Norwegian doctoral degree in microbiology, chemical/biological/environmental engineering, molecular biology, biotechnology or another relevant area. The successful candidate must have a strong background in one or multiple of the following technical areas: microbial genomics, transcriptomics, algae, marine microbiomes, advanced microbial cultivation, bioinformatics, metagenomics or molecular microbial ecology.

It would be an advantage if the candidate also has experience and aptitude for working on wet-bench experiments, computational analyses and field-based research.

Proficiency with programming languages R, Python and/or Matlab is also advantageous.

Candidates should have excellent communication and organizational skills; be highly motivated and passionate about developing new research; and have strong documentation of publications, oral and interpersonal skills.


When applying for a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, the applicant shall submit a project proposal for the qualifying work. This proposal shall include a one-page plan that describes how the candidate will bring her/his unique skills to uncover genome-encoded biological principles from Arctic marine microbes (and communities of microbes) to develop new biotechnologies that can be used to capture and utilize greenhouse gases. It is required that the applicant will be able to complete the project during the period of appointment.


Emphasis will be placed on personal suitability and desire to contribute to the research culture at UiT.



Applicant must have a good command of English, both written and verbal. It is considered an advantage if the candidate speaks a Scandinavian language or shows a desire to learn Norwegian.

Read more about languages proficiency


Working conditions

The working hours shall be utilized for research, research-related activities and research administration.


The position may be added to teaching and corresponding work for UiT in (until) 25 % position.


The successful applicant must be willing to engage herself/himself in the ongoing development of her/his discipline and the university as a whole.


The remuneration for this position is in accordance with the State salary scale code 1352. A compulsory contribution of 2 % to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund will be deducted. It should be noted that UiT offers highly competitive salaries to Postdoctoral Fellows as compared to many of the best options available internationally.



The applicants will be assessed by an expert committee. The applicants who are assessed as the best qualified will be called to an interview. The interview shall among other things aim to clarify the applicant’s personal suitability for the position. A trial lecture may also be held.


Applicants who is invite for an interview bring original certificates/diplomas and reference letter (work) to an interview.


The application - submitted electronically in www.jobbnorge.no

Documents mentioned below must be enclosed within the expiration of the application deadline, also it must be certified and translated into Scandinavian or English.


Attachment to letter of application:


  • CV (containing a complete overview of education, supervised professional training and professional work)
  • certified diplomas and reference letter
  • proposed project for qualifying work
  • reference letter(s) with contact information (work)
  • documentation of English language proficiency
  • list of works and description of these


  • The list of works shall contain the following information:
    • author(s), the work’s title
    • for articles: the journal’s name and volume, the first and last page of the article, year of publication
    • for publications: publisher, printer, year of publication, number of pages


Works- The applicant must attach the published or unpublished work she/he wish the Committee should take into consideration during the assessment process.


In addition, the applicant shall provide a description of her/his scientific production stating which works he/she considers the most important and shall therefore be the main emphasis of the assessment. A brief description of the other listed works shall also be included to demonstrate depth of production. These descriptions shall be an attachment to the application.



Applicants for positions at UiT will find information they require, as well as links to guidelines referred to in our announcements, here.


Questions concerning the organisation of the working environment, such as the physical state of the place of employment, health service, possibility for flexible working hours, part time, etc. may be directed to the telephone reference in this announcement.


UiT The Arctic University of Norway has HR policy objectives that emphasize diversity, and therefore encourages qualified applicants to apply regardless of gender, functional ability and national or ethnic background.


UiT The Arctic University of Norway is an IW (Inclusive Workplace) enterprise, and will therefore emphasize making the necessary adaptations to the working conditions for employees with reduced functional ability.


Personal data given in an application or CV will be processed in accordance with the Act relating to the processing of personal data (the Personal Data Act). In accordance with Section 25 subsection 2 of the Freedom of Information Act, the applicant may request not to be registered on the public list of applicants. However, the University may nevertheless decide that the name of the applicant will be made public. The applicant will receive advance notification in the event of such publication.


In case of discrepancies between the Norwegian and the English version of this description, the Norwegian version takes precedence. 


We are looking forward to receiving your application.

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