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Tenure Track Associate Professor in Software

The Department of informatics is recruiting a tenure track associate professor in the research field of Software. This is a 6 year fixed term, with a possible promotion to full professor at the end of this period.


The position is within the Programming Theory Research Group. The group’s focus is software itself as an object of study. Our current interests include formal aspects of software, programming languages, specification formalisms, software structuring mechanisms and patterns, correctness, reliability, and safety guarantees, performance, and in applications of theoretical results in practice. We are interested in applicants whose expertise strengthens the group in these areas, and/or expands to new complementary or more applied areas.


About the Department

The Department of informatics has seven research groups that deliver research and education at a high international level in algorithms, bioinformatics, optimization, visualization, information security, programming theory, and machine learning. All the groups are successfully co-funded by research grants, among others by the European Research Council (ERC). The department has been rated first in Norway with respect to quality of science by the Research Council of Norway in all external evaluations so far. All faculty members are expected to contribute to excellence in teaching and to further increase international visibility and reputation through high quality research. The department offers state of art education at Bachelor, Master and PhD levels.


About the tenure track position

The aim of the employment in a tenure track position is to recruit a candidate to a full-time permanent position as professor. The faculty and the department are committed to facilitate the development of the competence within teaching, research, dissemination and innovation for the successful applicant.

  • The applicant must hold a PhD degree which is not older than 5 years. This time limit may be extended due to accepted leave of absence, e.g., in connection with child birth or adoption.
  • A midterm evaluation will be carried out at the start of year 4.
  • A final evaluation will be carried out at the start of year 6.
  • The promotion to professor is subject to a satisfactory evaluation.
  • The applicant will carry out the same tasks as a permanent faculty member.
  • A PhD student will be assigned to the position by the start of year 2.
  • Senior faculty members will assist with mentoring in the first half of the period.

The associate professor shall participate in research and education similarly to our current academic staff. This includes teaching and supervision of bachelor and master students as well as supervision of at least one PhD student in order to achieve the required qualifications as professor by the end of the 6 years appointment.

In particular, the following tasks are expected:

  • Excellent research at a high international level in the field.
  • Teaching courses at bachelor and master levels in the field of the position and computer science in general.
  • Supervision of PhD students in the field.
  • Contribution to developing the Programming Theory Group to become leading in research and teaching.
  • Participation and contribution to applications for external funding of research.
  • Public outreach activities when appropriate within the field of software, or computer science in general.

 Qualifications and personal qualities

  • The applicant must have a doctoral degree in computer science or mathematics or a relevant field.

  • The applicant must either have proven competence in the field of software, or have proven scientific excellence in a relevant field and in addition provide a detailed plan on how competence in the field of software is going to be achieved within a few years in the position.

  • The successful candidate is expected to play an active role in interdisciplinary collaborative research, training and education, and contribute to broader research initiatives, and thus must explain his/her strengths in this respect.

  • The successful candidate is expected to be enthusiastic about and talented in teaching, outreach and recruitment of students, especially teaching with a focus on programming and applications. Documented teaching experience will be a clear advantage.

  • Candidates should be able to demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work and communicate well with others in a team environment.

  • The teaching language will normally be Norwegian. The successful applicant must be able to teach in Norwegian or one of the other Scandinavian languages within two years of his/her appointment. Norwegian courses will be offered.

  • Basic formal pedagogical training is a requirement, but the successful applicant who does not have such training at the time of his/her appointment will be offered training and will be required to produce evidence of such training within one year of the date of appointment. This deadline is extended to two years for the successful applicant who does not master a Scandinavian language at the time of appointment.

    The University of Bergen underscores that teaching qualifications are to be given high weight in appointments to middle and senior positions.


    When evaluating the academic accomplishments of the applicant, the time elapsed since the awarding of the applicant’s PhD will be taken into consideration in the overall assessment.

We offer

  • the possibility for a permanent position as professor at the end of the tenure track period if the candidate is qualified
  • a good and professionally challenging working environment
  • salary at pay scale 64-72 (code 1011/pay frame 24.8). This constitutes a gross annual salary of NOK 565 500 - 658 300.
  • Further promotions are made according to length of service in the position. A higher salary may be considered for a particularly well qualified applicant
  • enrollment in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund
  • a position in an inclusive workplace (IA enterprise)
  • good welfare benefit

The application must contain

  • an account of the applicant’s research interests and a vision for future research (about 3-4 pages)
  • an account of the applicant’s experience and vision for teaching and education (about two pages)
  • if an applicant’s past research contributions do not clearly demonstrate competence in research in software: a detailed plan on how the applicant is going to acquire such competence within the first years in the position
  • the names and contact information of at least two referees. One should normally be the main advisor for the PhD
  • CV (in addition to completing the CV in Jobbnorge)
  • transcripts and diplomas that are completed on the closing day of application
  • relevant certificates/references
  • a list of scientific works (publication list)
  • copies of up to ten publications of the applicant’s choosing. For each of these publications that has multiple authors, a brief description of the applicant’s contribution
  • list of any other publications by the applicant

 Applicants should document their own teaching qualifications. Relevant documents include:

  • evidence of completed teaching training
  • evaluation reports of the applicant's teaching

  • overview of scope and level of teaching
  • overview of supervision of post-graduate and doctoral candidates, and results obtained
  • student awards received
  • own teaching publications
  • own teaching compendia and material
  • reports showing participation in projects related to the development of teaching, such as alternative forms of teaching, supervision or teaching environments.

The application and appendices with certified translations into English or a Scandinavian language must be uploaded at Jobbnorge. Deadline: Sunday, November 25, 2018


The selection and ranking of the applicants is based on a report from a scientific committee and a separate evaluation by the department including a job interview and reference checks.


General information

Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Head of Department, Professor Pinar Heggernes, or Professor Jaakko Järvi in the Programming Theory Group.


The state labour force shall reflect the diversity of Norwegian society to the greatest extent possible. Age and gender balance among employees is therefore a goal. It is also a goal to recruit people with immigrant backgrounds. People with immigrant backgrounds and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply for the position. We encourage women to apply. If multiple applicants have approximately equivalent qualifications, the rules pertaining to moderate gender quotas shall apply.


The University of Bergen applies the principle of public access to information when recruiting staff for academic positions. Information about applicants may be made public even if the applicant has asked not to be named on the list of persons who have applied. The applicant will be notified if the request to be omitted is not met.


The successful applicant must comply with the guidelines that apply to the position at all times.


Qualifications needed to get a permanent position as professor at the end of the tenure track period

The contract of employment, along with this announcement text and the description of the position, determine the results, demands and criteria that the applicant should fulfil during the tenure track period in order to get a permanent position as professor.


In addition to the demands following the "Rules for employment in scientific positions and academic/administrative management positions”, the following requirements should be fulfilled in order to get a permanent position:


a. Research:

  • Be able to demonstrate good progress in developing his/her own research career.

  • To have the capacity for independent research, interdisciplinary collaboration and research management.

  • Documented co-publication with other researchers in highly rated international journals or conferences.

  • Documented active participation and presentations at national and international research conferences.

  • Have supervised at least one PhD-candidate who has attained his/her PhD-degree.

  • Have a good reputation as a research supervisor. 

b. Teaching:

  • Have participated in regular teaching, supervision and examination procedure.

  • Having achieved satisfactory student evaluations of his/her own teaching within the tenure track period.

c. Dissemination:

  • To be able to demonstrate both professional oriented and general communication of his/her own research through articles, lectures, chronicles and other instruments.

d. Academic leadership:

  • Have participated actively in the academic development at the departmental, faculty and university level.

  • Be able to demonstrate good communication and cooperation skills and participation in various public administrative bodies, expert committees, other bodies in the sector and to cooperation with other relevant institutions.

  • Be able to demonstrate peer review assignments of scholarly works.

e. International cooperation:

  • Active participation in international cooperation, implementation of joint projects and publications with international co-authorship.


    Requirements for employees holding a tenure track position as associate professor

    During the tenure track period the applicant should qualify for a permanent position as professor. Within four years of the tenure track period a mid-term review will be carried out in which the applicant will be assessed regarding the progression of his/her work according to the requirements for professor competence. The evaluation will be conducted on the basis of the contract of employment, and should guide the applicant regarding the tasks to be prioritized in the rest of the tenure track period to meet the requirement for a permanent position as professor.


    The applicant will also be evaluated before the end of the tenure track period to see if the requirements that were set in the contract of employment have been met. Within 12 months before the tenure track period ends, the Faculty Board will appoint an expert committee and set a deadline for submitting the work from the applicant and the committee. The applicant will then be informed about deadlines and the expert committee.


    The applicant will be informed about the outcome of the final evaluation at the latest six months before the end of the tenure track period. The applicant may submit remarks to the evaluation and additional feedback on those parts of the evaluation will be given.


    Based on the final evaluation, the Faculty Board determines whether the candidate should obtain a permanent position as professor.


    To get a permanent position as professor at the Department of Informatics (cf. § 2 in the regulations on the employment and promotion in teaching and research positions) after the end of the tenure track period, the candidate must, through a final evaluation, have achieved the current requirements for professor competence as approved by the Faculty Board at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.


    The opportunity to apply for personal promotion for professor competence is not valid for the period the candidate is employed in the tenure track position as associate professor.


    Reference is made to the University's General Regulations which state that as part of the normal duties of the position, the successful applicant may also be required to undertake teaching, supervision and work in connection with examinations in his or her particular field outside the organizational unit to which the appointment belongs.

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